Electric drives

For high load peaks and continuous power

For high load peaks and continuous power

For high load peaks and continuous power

Electric drives in conveyor systems, hoists and forklifts are the engine of modern, efficient and reliable intralogistics. ABM Greiffenberger develops and manufactures these systems on a platform basis for stationary and mobile applications. The customisable drive solutions consist of motor, gearbox, brake and controller. The specialist works closely and in partnership with its customers.

Drives for electric vehicles must meet high expectations: They must be environmentally friendly, efficient, powerful and inexpensive to maintain. "ABM Greiffenberger started transferring its know-how from battery-powered drives to e-mobility even before the turn of the millennium and implemented its first projects back then," reports Mayk Krüger Senior Manager Material Handling. Users benefit from the decades of expertise of the full-range supplier: they receive powerful drives that are characterised by very high efficiency.

And compared to standard motors, ABM drives are much more compact - and also extremely robust, durable and maintenance-free under tough operating conditions. ABM offers a platform concept with a wide range of options - customers receive cost-optimised system solutions that are easy to integrate. The drive specialist adapts the motors individually to the customer's requirement as well as to the application.

ABM Greiffenberger offers motors for auxiliary units in trucks as well as traction drives that are used in a wide variety of electric vehicles. Krüger: "In our AC drives with housing, we have optimised the cooling for longer continuous performance." Because the drive is installed at right angles to the direction of travel on the differential axle, the developers have adapted the ring ribs of the drive in such a way that optimum air cooling is provided. This makes these motors suitable for driving with high load peaks and high continuous power. Even rough and dirty environmental conditions cannot affect the reliable operation of the on- and off-road vehicles. Depending on the engine size, peak outputs of 20, 50 and 90 kilowatts and torques of 45, 130 and 260 Newton metres are achieved.

Sensors monitor the engine temperature and record the speed. Speed and torque control is via an external AC control. On request, ABM supplies a parameterised controller adapted to the application as a plug-and-play solution and also optionally fits an electromechanical holding brake. Protection class IP 66 is possible as well as UL design.

The drives are suitable for all areas of application in e-mobility, such as vans, golf carts, agricultural machinery as well as e-trucks and on- and off-road vehicles. In addition, there are traction motors for electric vehicles such as luggage tugs and airport supply vehicles.

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