Condition Monitoring

Transmit values directly

Transmit values directly

With the new SmartMod, IMS Connector Systems relocates the condition monitoring of current, voltage, power and temperature directly into the connector.

A PCB module with measurement electronics, temperature sensor and Bluetooth interface is integrated into the plug and socket of the compact M12 connectors. Based on the measured difference between input and output, impairments of the power supply due to cable kinks, cable breaks or missing voltage supply can be detected at an early stage.

The measuring range is between 0V and 36V and +/-15A with a measuring deviation of 0.1%. The temperature range that can be detected by sensors extends from -40°C to +85°C. Sources of error can be easily localised, as each connector has a unique address that can be stored in the control unit. In this way, faulty wiring can be identified before costly, time-consuming system downtimes occur.

The measured values can be sent to mobile end devices via Bluetooth at the field level and fed into existing networks for process and plant control via a gateway or stored in the cloud and accessed via a browser from any location. This also makes the SmartMod suitable for integration into predictive maintenance systems in order to automatically trigger alarms or maintenance routines when defined limit values are exceeded. IMS CS initially offers the SmartMod in A-coding as a 4-pole plug with 3-wire monitoring. The market launch of the connector, which is waterproof according to IP67 or IP69k and protected against high pressure and steam jets, is planned for the 4th quarter of 2023.

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