Webinar on wipers on ball screws by August Steinmeyer

Webinar on wipers on ball screws by August Steinmeyer

Ball screws are key components in many industrial applications. Proper handling and maintenance are critical to maintaining their performance. On October 11, 2023 at 6 p.m., August Steinmeyer will offer a free webinar on the topic of "Wipers on Ball Screws" - with comprehensive expert knowledge as well as tips and tricks from the field.

Ball screws are crucial in many industrial applications. Whether in automation technology, mechanical engineering, aerospace, medical technology or the semiconductor industry - they play a key role in linear technology in various industries and ensure precise movement and positioning. But there are also challenges in the application: for example, contaminants that can enter the nut. This can not only shorten the service life of ball screws, but also affect their running characteristics and accuracy.

"Our webinar is about the solution to this problem: namely, wipers," reports Sascha Abokat, a long-time sales representative and webinar leader at August Steinmeyer. "These inconspicuous components play a crucial role when it comes to protecting ball screws from dirt, dust and other particles." The webinar will show how the right wipers can not only increase the reliability of machinery and equipment, but also minimize the need for lubricants.

These are the topics that will be discussed on October 11, 2023:

1) The crucial role of the wiper

  • Why are wipers indispensable?
  • How do they work and what types are there?

2) Contamination and causes of failure

  • What are the challenges for a ball screw at your site?
  • How can a ball screw achieve its maximum service life?

3) Practical tips for interpretation

  • Which wiper is the right one for your application?
  • What are the side effects of different models?

4) Case studies and success stories

  • Real-life examples show how companies have optimized the performance of their ball screws by using wipers.

5) Q&A and discussion

  • Individual questions can be put directly to the experts Sascha Abokat and the development manager Wolfgang Klöblen.

By the way: In the future there will be more webinars about ball screws from August Steinmeyer. Participation is free of charge and only requires prior registration.

After you register, you will receive a confirmation email with the details of the webinar and the link to join.

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