Clamping rings

Wide versions for even more performance

Wide versions for even more performance

KBK Antriebstechnik not only manufactures standard clamping rings, but also customised solutions. Now the company from Lower Franconia has added a wide variant to its portfolio. The new clamping ring series offers even more performance than the existing versions.

KBK goes far beyond the standard with its clamping ring range. The new, wide clamping rings were also originally developed for a servo gearbox. The wide clamping rings enable the transmission of higher axial forces on solid shafts and higher torques on hollow shafts than the clamping rings previously available from KBK. As usual, they are available in slotted and split versions.

One advantage of the wide clamping rings compared to shrink discs is the low number of bolts required for assembly: the slotted version requires only two bolts, whereas shrink discs usually require six to eight.

In response to many customer requests, KBK now also offers a clamping ring version that can be screwed onto a thread. It has been specially developed for applications with shaft journals that are running out, which are often equipped with a thread. "When the target position is reached, the clamping screw is simply tightened and the clamping ring sits firmly on the shaft," says KBK managing director Sven Karpstein. But the clamping ring with thread has another advantage: "With this variant, the transmittable axial forces are only limited by the thread," says Karpstein.

The wide clamping rings are available in burnished steel and V4A stainless steel. The slotted and split models are available for shaft diameters from 6 mm to 50 mm, the screw-on clamping rings are offered for thread sizes M4 to M30. KBK also supplies all versions with a keyway on request.

"We are experiencing an overall increase in demand for clamping rings - both in the standard range and for special designs," reports KBK managing director Sven Karpstein. "Our clamping ring range will therefore continue to grow in the foreseeable future."

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