Hollow rotary actuators

A high performance with little effort

A high performance with little effort

Hollow rotary actuators of the DGII Series from Oriental Motor are not only powerful – they are also very easy to install. Users also benefit from the actuators' diverse mounting options. At SPS 2023 in Nuremberg, the hollow actuator can be seen at the stand of the drive technology specialist.

The rotary actuators of the DGII Series from Oriental Motor combine a hollow-shaft rotary table with a stepper motor. Thanks to the innovative design with an integrated actuator, the hollow-shaft rotary tables can be assembled much more easily and quickly than comparable in-house designs. Another advantage is the uncomplicated wiring: thanks to the built-in battery-free absolute system, no reference sensors are required. This leads to users saving not only time but also costs.

The DGII rotary table has high rigidity and is designed for torques up to max. 50 Nm, speeds up to 1,800 degrees/s as well as load torques up to 100 Nm and payloads up to 4,000 N. Oriental Motor supplies the DGII with hollow shaft diameters between 33 mm and 100 mm and frame sizes between 60 mm and 200 mm. When installing the actuator, there is a choice of suspended, lateral or horizontal mounting.

Hollow shaft rotary tables of the DGII Series are equipped with the interfaces EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP, Profinet as well as Modbus RTU as standard. On request, the inclusion of an electromagnetic brake as well as a cable outlet is possible. The rotating actuators with hollow shaft are particularly suitable for use in disc manufacturing, in applications for image inspection and in robot arms.

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