Connecting widely separated shafts

Connecting widely separated shafts

Enemac Maschinentechnik GmbH offers a new product range, the EWLC spacer coupling.

Even in demanding areas such as medical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage technology, shafts that are far apart often have to be connected. Spacer couplings have been developed in order to avoid complex and cost-intensive design work for the necessary intermediate bearings.

The EWLC spacer coupling, with an overall length of up to 3 m, has a variable-length intermediate tube made of A2 or A4 stainless steel, which is adapted to the customer's requirements. This tube is connected with two metal bellows couplings made of A4 stainless steel. In many cases, the EWLC spacer coupling can be used as a backlash-free connecting, cardan or synchronous shaft. Misalignments, especially parallel misalignments, can be compensated for to a considerable extent with this type.

The half shell hubs facilitate assembly and ensure a secure, non-positive connection. The type is particularly torsionally stiff and is suitable for high operating speeds of up to 6,000 min-1 with a low moment of inertia.

The EWLC is available in 7 sizes with a nominal torque of up to 1,200 Nm. Shaft diameters between 7 mm and 85 mm can be accommodated.