Synchronous controls

Control technology for lifting columns and electric cylinders

RK Rose+Krieger is expanding to its successful product range of MultiControl II controls to include a compact wireless version. And the cherry on the top: The new MultiControl II duo accu’s specially designed battery adapter for standardised batteries from well-known manufacturers. In an ideal world, users can use their existing battery systems to charge the control. The synchronous control is being presented to the wider specialist audience for the first time at the Motek international trade fair.

The MultiControl II duo accu is ideal for implementing mobile systems in the field of intralogistics and assembly workstations. Height-adjustable and/or tilting workshop trolleys, lifting mechanisms and workbenches can be easily moved from one production station to the next, where they can be ergonomically adjusted to the height of the worker and brought into the optimum working position. The range is no longer limited due to cables, and there are none of the associated tripping hazards..

Complete range of functions

The battery-operated version of the synchronous control has the same range of functions as the wired models. Like these, the MultiControl II duo accu can also be combined to form larger systems with up to eight controls or 16 drives, allowing for the implementation of complex mobile systems or particularly high-performance requirements. In larger systems, the master control system continuously monitors the battery charge status of the individual controllers. Discharged batteries can thus be identified directly and without a long search.

Like the wired version of the MultiControl II duo, the new control is also available in a Basic and a Premium version with additional software functions.

The MultiControl II duo accu is operated intuitively via a hand switch with graphics-capable design. The standby consumption of the energy-efficient overall system consisting of control and hand switch is less than one watt. For connection to master control system levels, the wireless control has the RS-485 serial interface and the standardised Modbus RTU protocol. Standard monitoring of duty cycle, overcurrent and temperature protects them from overload.

Wide range of accessories

In addition to the RKX service and configuration software with its multitude of interaction options and functions, the wireless control accessories also include an I/O interface for controlling the MultiControl II duo accu via digital inputs and outputs of a PLC. Also available are various cables for interconnecting the battery and control as well as several controls with each other, hand switches with two or six function keys and a hand switch drawer, as well as a foot switch with two function keys and the matching adapter cable..

Image: RK Rose+Krieger