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Door opener to hydraulic expansion technology

Door opener to hydraulic expansion technology

Schunk will be presenting a new toolholder – the Tendo Silver. It offers the perfect introduction to tool clamping using hydraulic expansion technology and scores as a precision all-rounder.

For a long time now, users in metalworking have been won over by the benefits of hydraulic expansion technology in toolholders: Tools are clamped via a hydraulic mechanism where, on inserting a screw, the internal pressure medium is compressed and the expansion sleeve elastically deformed. In this way, the tool shank is tightly enclosed. The high tension ensures absolutely secure holding of the tool and precise run-out accuracy of less than 0.003 mm. The outcome of this technology is optimum workpiece surfaces, avoidance of micro chipping, protection of the machine spindle and a longer tool service life. The technological trick of the inner oil cushion is highly effective in damping vibrations that occur during machining. Hydraulic expansion technology is also far superior to other technologies in terms of sustainability since it is long-lasting, energy-saving and resource-conserving in use. The Tendo Silver from Schunk's economy segment provides users with an all-rounder which, in addition to its technological advantages, is also highly impressive due to its outstanding price-performance ratio.

Low-cost entry to hydraulic expansion technology

As an inventor and market leader in the field of hydraulic expansion technology, Schunk has now acquired 40 years of experience in this technology. Application-specific, differentiated segmentation of toolholders means customers receive appropriate hydraulic expansion toolholders according to their application and requirements. The goal is economical, efficient and resource-saving machining of parts, which users of the Tendo series have appreciated for decades now. The toolholders come finely balanced as standard and are suitable for high speeds. The tool shanks can be clamped directly into the toolholder - making the Tendo series, with its micrometer-accurate tool changes in seconds, a genuine hit. Users thus save on set-up time and can dispense with additional peripheral equipment. They benefit from a high degree of flexibility since, in addition to direct clamping, clamping of different diameters with slotted or coolant-proof intermediate sleeves is also possible. The permanent precision run-out accuracy and effective vibration damping ensure a long tool service life for metalworkers and thus cost savings, because frequent regrinding or new procurement is no longer necessary.

The Tendo Silver completes the toolholder family in the economy segment as a precision all-rounder that is compatible with all machine tool spindles. With its polished surface, the hydraulic expansion toolholder in DIN contour is dirt and rust repellent and is available in eight different interfaces.