Electric cylinders

Precise productivity boost

Precise productivity boost

It is impossible to imagine production without electric drives, because they perform a wide range of tasks in all branches of industry. They have to fulfil a wide range of requirements, such as moving high payloads or offering short cycle times with high acceleration and speed. In order to continue to successfully meet the growing demands, SMC has once again improved its established LEY series electric cylinders. With the LEY#G enhancement, the automation specialist now provides an electric cylinder in combination with a battery-free absolute encoder that impresses with reduced cycle times, higher acceleration, increased vertical payload as well as the numerous proven features of the series.

From pick-and-place applications to loading and unloading workpieces or their precise positioning to horizontal and vertical conveying, engineers across industries rely on electric drives for diverse applications. To meet these and other requirements even better, SMC has optimised its proven LEY series and added the LEY#G series in combination with a battery-free absolute encoder. Users thus benefit from reduced cycle times, higher acceleration and increased vertical payload in addition to the already extensive positive features of the series.

Production boost with many plus points

With the LEY#G series extension, SMC comes up trumps in terms of speed in several respects: Compared to the existing series, the series once again turbo-charges the cycle time as well as the acceleration and maximum speed. Users benefit from a 33% reduction in cycle time (0.97 s to 0.65 s) compared to the LEY25GA-300 series with a stroke of 0 to 300 mm. In addition, the new series impresses with an acceleration of 10,000 mm/s2, which represents an increase of 334 % - and together with the 40 % improvement in maximum speed (700 mm/s) offers users a clear plus for productivity.

In addition, the combination of battery-free absolute encoder eliminates the need for time-consuming reference runs after a power loss, for example in the event of an emergency stop. By successfully storing the position without a battery, not only can a restart be made from the last stop position, but the maintenance effort can also be reduced. This not only saves time, storage requirements and costs - e.g. due to regular battery changes - but also disposal, which is a clear plus for the environment and pays off in terms of sustainability and the wallet.

Powerful communication talent

With a positioning repeatability of ±0.02 mm and a backlash of max. 0.1 mm, the LEY#G series meets high demands in terms of precision - even with a usable payload of between 2 and 46 kg (vertical) or 4 and 100 kg (horizontal) in size 40. To achieve the maximum values of the series extension in terms of acceleration and speed, the electric cylinder is equipped with the high-performance stepper motor controllers of the JXC5H/6H and JXCEH/9H/PH series. Communication is achieved via IO-Link, PROFINET, EtherCAT or EtherNet/IPä, (users can choose between an "easy mode" for immediate use and "normal mode" for more detailed settings).

Versatile application all-rounder

The comprehensive performance spectrum makes the LEY#G series, in combination with a batteryless absolute encoder, the optimal solution for all kinds of applications: from lifting applications requiring control of positioning, opening and closing operations, to pushing or pulling applications, to press-fit applications with combined positioning and pushing controls to reduce cycle time. In short, the LEY#G series electric cylinder covers a wide range of applications in all industries with transport and assembly-related activities to position themselves for the future in production.