Spherical roller bearing

Multiply service life or reduce costs with the right design

Those who install spherical roller bearings in their applications will find Findling Wälzlager to be a valuable partner: For bearings critical to service life, the load rating could be increased once again, and for non-critical bearing positions, the performance classes according to the ABEG method offer a cost-saving solution.

Spherical roller bearings are available from Findling in the ABEG performance classes Eco, Supra and Premium and analogously in three price and performance levels. The determination of the technically and economically optimum performance class is carried out with the ABEG Quickfinder, a software tool from Findling Wälzlager. In addition to the performance class, the special technical design of the internal construction is also decisive. In the case of Supra and Premium, these are also available in reinforced designs (E-Design). The maximum service life attainable on the market is achieved with the extra-reinforced design (EX design), thus achieving up to four times the service life of a bearing in normal E design.

The great variety and thus optimal coordination with the customer application is made possible by several technology partnerships: For example, the manufacturer Nachi produces the EX design, which offers the highest load capacity on the market due to the large number of symmetrical rollers of larger dimensions. In the Supra performance class, the Karlsruhe-based company relies on spherical roller bearings in E design from ZKL (Czech Republic). The product range is rounded off with the Eco series in MB (brass cage) and ST (sheet steel cage) designs.

Spherical roller bearings consist of solid inner and outer rings and cage-guided barrel rollers. Optionally, the inner rings have cylindrical or tapered bores. Under load, the spherical roller bearings adjust themselves automatically due to the symmetrical barrel rollers and the hollow spherical outer ring raceway. This makes spherical roller bearings particularly suitable for shaft deflections and misalignments. Compared with rolling bearings of the same size, they achieve significantly higher load ratings due to the line contact between the barrel rollers and raceways.

Picture: Findling Wälzlager

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