Safety in the grip

Safety in the grip

Safety in the grip

Heinrich Kipp Werk is expanding its portfolio with new star handles and ball lock bolts with safety function. Thanks to the integrated locking or closing mechanism, which prevents the unintentional release of the handles and bolts, the innovative new developments improve the safety and functionality of a wide range of applications.

The new star grips with safety function from Kipp offer an optimal solution wherever changes at the clamping point due to unintentional opening or closing are to be prevented and at the same time grip and user-friendliness are required. The possible applications are correspondingly diverse and range from mechanical engineering and measurement technology to sports and rehabilitation equipment.

In its initial state, the star grip can be turned freely and has no connection to the clamping point. Only when the handle is pressed does the toothing engage and the clamping can be released or tightened via a threaded bushing or threaded bolt - optionally made of steel or stainless steel. The reset takes place immediately after the star grip is released via a sturdy stainless steel spring. This safety function prevents set positions from being adjusted unintentionally.

Ergonomic design and high-quality materials

The ergonomic design of the star knobs is based on DIN 6336 and ensures comfortable handling. By taking into account the natural position of the hand, comfortable operation is ensured even over longer periods of time. In addition, the design concept allows effortless gripping and turning, resulting in increased productivity and precision.

Thanks to the use of hard-wearing and durable materials, the star grips are ideally suited to the high demands of industrial environments, where they deliver reliable performance over the long term. The handles are available in various sizes with either internal or external threads M4 to M10 in the colours red or black. A lock symbol on the top of the star grips indicates the special mechanism of the products.

Ball lock pins with push cylinder lock

The new lockable ball lock bolts are a further development of conventional ball lock bolts and are available with a stainless steel handle, plastic handle or plastic T-handle as required. By opening the push cylinder lock with a key, the two balls can be unlocked and the parts to be connected can be separated. If the lock is pushed in manually, the balls lock the connection securely. Unlocking can only be done by means of a key.

This locking mechanism allows the ball lock pin to be fixed in the locked position, preventing its unauthorised removal or manipulation. Equipped with this functionality, the bolt is suitable for use in areas where security and control are a high priority, such as in industry, the construction industry or logistics...

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