Almost as if by human hand

Almost as if by human hand

Electric grippers from Oriental Motor's EH series enable robots to safely handle sensitive workpieces. The grippers are now also available in a version with three fingers, allowing even complex objects to be picked up and moved with high precision.

Until now, the electric grippers in the EH series were only available in the standard version with two fingers. Oriental Motor (Europa) GmbH is now also supplying the grippers in a 3-finger version: This model can even be used to grip complex, round and cylindrical workpieces. The gripper grips objects with outer diameters of between 2 mm and 24 mm and inner diameters of 14 mm to 36 mm and achieves a maximum gripping force of 50 N.

The electric grippers enable robots to move objects very precisely, as they are driven by AZ stepper motors from Oriental Motor. The steppers have a battery-free absolute sensor that ensures very precise positioning of the gripper arm or end effector. In addition, Oriental Motor has integrated a special rack and pinion and gripper mechanism into the grippers, which allows very sensitive handling of workpieces.

Oriental Motor offers various mounting flanges for connecting the electric grippers to industrial robots.