Intelligent printing system solution

Intelligent printing system solution

As a manufacturer of connection technology, Conta-Clip's compact TTPCardMax thermal transfer printer from the Conta-Label product range is a labelling and marking system that meets a wide range of marking requirements.

The versatile TTPCardMAX printing system stands for outstanding print quality with high resolution and fulfils all labelling requirements in the electrical sector. The efficient printing system with proven thermal transfer technology quickly and reliably produces clearly visible and durable labelling and signage on a wide range of materials such as PVC, PMMA, polyester, ABS or polycarbonate. TTPCardMAX thus ensures long-lasting labelling of terminal blocks, cables and wires, input and output devices, external control panels, switch modules and many other components.

The printing software, which is customised to the marker cards and includes templates for all materials, enables simple and intuitive operation. The printing system has a semi-automatic and an automatic feeder for fast work with up to 5,500 markers per hour. The low-maintenance and easy-to-operate system requires little attention: the easily accessible print and feed area makes it easy to change the ribbon cassettes, while a special cleaning cassette for automatic cleaning of the printing system improves print quality. The easy-to-use ContaPrintMAX software for Windows operating systems makes it simple to edit and print the desired markings for single, multiple or serial labelling. The software enables quick and easy preparation of print data and has been specially developed for professional labelling of machines, systems and control cabinets.