Predictive maintenance

Predictive Maintenance in the Water industry

Predictive Maintenance in the Water industry

Predictive Maintenance in the Water industry

Condition monitoring for a wastewater treatment plant to reduce operational expenditure and risk, increase overall equipment effectiveness and maintain a high level of availability.

Scottish Water provides water and wastewater services throughout the whole of Scotland. Every day they deliver 1.52 billion liters of drinking water and treat 1.10 billion liters of wastewater. Over 2.6 million Scottish households rely on their services.

Returning wastewater to the environment is a complicated process that protects the natural environment and controls the potential spread of water-borne diseases. The final stage of the wastewater treatment process is highly energy intensive, making up 53 % of total energy consumed by Scottish Water and accounting for 71 % of their carbon footprint. Wastewater treatment is a key focus of Scottish Water’s efforts to deliver cost and efficiency savings through an ambitious transformation program, with the aim of achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2040. Digital transformation is essential to achieving this goal, which is to capture new and existing operational data from across the infrastructure using sensors, and to send this data to the cloud. This allows a shift to be made from scheduled maintenance to preventive maintenance.

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