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Controlled guidance, smooth running and economically convincing

Controlled guidance, smooth running and economically convincing

With his new rail guides, Dr. Tretter further optimized the previous series. Users now benefit from a high-quality and at the same time particularly attractively priced solution for handling applications or mechanical engineering. The guides show the usual quiet and smooth running behavior as well as a high level of precision.

Dr. Tretter has brought a new series of rail guides onto the market and has focused on a cost-effective solution. Just like in the previous guides in the Eco series, the rows of balls are arranged in an X-shape. This allows you to better compensate for inaccuracies in the mounting surfaces. The two-point contact of the balls ensures easy, precise movement, and the 45-degree contact angle enables identical load absorption from all directions.

An additional inner seal is new. This insulates the running balls from all sides and reliably protects them from contamination, including from the mounting holes in the rail, making them more robust. The metal wipers on the front are no longer standard as in the previous version, but are available as an option. This allows Dr. Tretter now also offers shorter standard wagons.

Controlled guidance, smooth running

The linear guides of the TWH series with ball chains made of elastic plastic are optionally available. This keeps the balls at a constant distance and guides them in their return zone in a controlled manner. This means that they run evenly and quietly and do not collide with each other during the rolling movement. There are individual pockets in the ball chain that form an additional lubricant reservoir and permanently release grease. This further reduces friction. This means that less heat is generated, the lubricant does not become dirty, and at the same time the relubrication intervals are extended and the high-speed properties are improved.

As a flange version, the carriages can be screwed together from above or below; as a block carriage, they can only be screwed from above. Both versions are available as standard and as long guide carriages for the highest loads. The rails can be screwed together from above using countersunk holes or, optionally, from below using a version with threaded holes.
Shorter or wider?

Dr. Tretter offers the new series in various versions, for example as a TWS compact series for limited installation spaces. The guide carriage is also available as a short version for medium loads.

There are also the TWHW wide rail guides. With their low height, they also fit with low installation dimensions. The wide rail is also predestined for high snapshots - and can therefore be used very well as a single rail. All wagons are lightly preloaded.

Upon request, Dr. Tretter also equips the new series with the LF lubrication unit. This is an integrated self-lubricating plastic wiper that extends the lubrication intervals. In addition, the synthetic material contains lubricant in its pores, which it continuously releases as it moves, thus ensuring long-term lubrication. There is also the option of additionally filling the guide carriage with grease.

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