Decentralized drives

Extremely compact, maximally communicative

Extremely compact, maximally communicative

With Movimot performance ELV, SEW-Eurodrive is expanding the range of its decentralized compact low-voltage drives with 48 V DC supply to include network-capable versions. The use of drives with Ethernet-based communication interfaces enables the user to have highly flexible process control and consistent material flow monitoring, especially in systems with complex transport systems.

The current portfolio expansion combines the advantages of compact low-voltage geared motors with the advantages of the latest generation Movi-C communication platform and the Movisuite engineering tool from SEW-Eurodrive. Movimot performance ELV combines a permanently excited synchronous motor with a dynamic drive controller and high-performance communication interface. Up to 350 percent of the motor's continuous torque is temporarily available to the user for acceleration processes or material flow peaks. This enables decentralized drive solutions with high power density and high efficiency.

All connections are made consistently via standardized and standardized M12 connectors with different coding. They enable quick and error-free installation, even under time pressure or difficult construction site conditions. The fully pluggable version in protective extra-low voltage saves specific installation measures for electrical personal protection and reduces the demands on the personnel carrying out the work.

In combination with the proven planetary, flat and angular gears from the SEW-Eurodrive modular system, Movimot performance ELV enables needs-optimized project planning and flexibility in the structural integration of the drive into the respective application or system. The drives are available with either a Profinet, EtherNet/IP or EtherCAT interface. They enable the user to have horizontal communication between the drive modules and at the same time vertical communication to the system control level. The electronic nameplate and continuously available status and load information support extensive analyzes of the device and system status.

The high-resolution encoder is the prerequisite for applications in which control of torque, speed or position is desired. Typical areas of application for the entire drive portfolio are intra- or distribution logistics applications, e.g. E.g. linear and accumulating roller conveyors, rotating units or lifting modules and corner converters. The compact low-voltage drives from SEW-Eurodrive are the right solution for stationary and mobile storage systems such as conveyor modules, load handling devices and shuttle drives.

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