Franke Wire Race Bearings: Save costs and resources

Franke Wire Race Bearings: Save costs and resources

Franke's refurbishing service extends the service life of rolling bearings and thus makes a valuable contribution to protecting the environment.

    Sustainability and resource conservation are also important issues in mechanical engineering. In many cases, repairing machines and components instead of scrapping them is the better approach to maintaining or even increasing the efficiency and profitability of a production plant. Franke wire race bearings support you in this.

    Bearing assemblies with integrated wire race bearings have a long service life. But even if the wire race bearing has reached the end of its service life, the elaborately manufactured housing parts can still be used. They are not directly exposed to the stresses of the bearing and are therefore often still in good condition.

    It is often sufficient to replace individual components such as races, rolling elements and cages to make the bearing fully functional again. This saves time and money and makes a valuable contribution to conserving resources and protecting the environment.

    Repair instead of replace

    Maintenance can extend the service life of machines and systems. As a result, investments are amortized more quickly with a longer service life.

    The disposal of old machines and components can also be problematic and contribute to pollution and environmental impact. Refurbishing reduces the amount of waste, which helps to avoid waste and saves disposal costs.

    By using refurbishing for machines, a company can not only improve its own carbon footprint, but also benefit from long-term cost savings and a positive image, as sustainability is becoming increasingly important for many customers and investors.

    Sustainable, quality-assured, competent

    Certified procedures and processes guarantee maximum quality assurance and reliability at all times. This applies equally to new products and repairs. As a development partner, Franke engineers and consultants are happy to provide information on the options available in individual cases for the cost-effective repair of wire race bearings.

    Especially in this day and age of cost-saving and sustainable goods production, the idea of repairing tried and tested products instead of buying new ones is becoming increasingly important. Wire race bearings from Franke are ideal components for this. .

    Refurbishing at Franke

    50% Time saving

    Compared to the production of a bearing assembly, the time required for refurbishing is only a fraction of the machining time. Depending on the complexity and material used for the housing parts, the time saved by refurbishing may even increase.

    The special geometric characteristics of all wire race bearings ever manufactured are stored in the Franke archives. For many years in digital databases, previously in handwritten documentation. The technical specifications even of bearing assemblies from the late 80s of the last century can be used to replace the wire race bearing to be renewed 1:1. Care is also taken to ensure that the original specifications of the finished bearing are adhered to in terms of rotational resistance and accuracy.

    60% Cost saving

    Even with standard bearing assemblies, replacing the wire race bearing can save up to 60% in costs compared to purchasing a new complete bearing.

    Such retreads quickly pay for themselves, particularly in the case of complex housing parts with complicated geometries or made of exclusive materials such as stainless steel.

    The Refurbishing-Service from Franke

    If Franke bearing assemblies are approaching the end of their estimated service life during use, the bearing is removed and sent to Franke for assessment. An initial visual inspection and assessment of the options for retreading is carried out there.

    If the external condition of the bearing justifies an overhaul, the bearing is opened and dismantled into its individual parts. Even at this stage, the Franke specialists recognize the existing recycling potential.

    A new bearing element is then manufactured from races, rolling elements and a cage and inserted into the existing housing parts. After assembly, the bearing is inspected in accordance with current quality standards and, if necessary, undergoes test runs on suitable test benches. If all specifications are reliably met, the bearing is returned to the customer. There it can be reinstalled and provide movement as if nothing had happened.


    The retreading of Franke wire race barings offers a number of clear benefits that impact the efficiency, longevity and cost-effectiveness of industrial equipment. Here are some conclusions on the benefits of this practice:

    Cost savings: The retreading of Franke wire race bearings enables companies to achieve significant cost savings as they can reuse existing bearings instead of buying new ones. This significantly reduces acquisition costs.

    Extending the service life: By overhauling bearings, companies can extend the service life of their machines and systems. This helps to minimize expensive downtimes and production losses.

    Sustainability: The reuse of bearings is ecologically sustainable as it reduces the need for new raw materials and the disposal of old bearings. This is an important step towards more environmentally friendly production.

    Quality improvement: Franke wire race bearings are thoroughly checked and repaired during retreading. This improves the quality and performance of the bearings, resulting in more reliable operation.

    Adaptation to new requirements: By overhauling warehouses, they can be adapted to new operational requirements or technologies. This enables companies to keep pace with constantly changing conditions.

    Expert knowledge: Franke has extensive experience and expertise in bearing refurbishment, ensuring that refurbished bearings meet the highest quality standards.

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