Safety couplings

Cost-effective torque limiter for direct drives

Cost-effective torque limiter for direct drives

With the ECUD type, Enemac offers a cost-effective safety clutch for direct drives to protect the engine train in the event of collisions.

A cost-saving alternative for direct drives is offered from the German company ENEMAC through torque limiter type ECUD. It’s a combination of torque limiter with keyway to protect from collisions and a jaw coupling with clamping hub. The jaw element of the coupling compensates as well splicing as vibrations and also acts electrical isolating.

The type ECUD can compensate axial misalignment of up to 1 mm and lateral misalignments of up to 0.15 mm. The torque range is available from 1.8 Nm up to 2000 Nm in 14 different sizes. The hubs can be sized between 6 mm and 90 mm.

This coupling offers high torsional stiffness and is free of wear and maintenance. The one-sided mounted, easy to assemble clamping hub joins mandrel and torque limiter free of clearance and force-fitting. If required it can also be equipped with a keyway.

For demanding environments, ENEMAC also offers this safety coupling as corrosion-resistant variant ECUD_KS. For this purpose, the main components of the torque limiter are nitro-carburized or gas-nitrided and then oxidized. The built-in disc springs are coated and screws, balls and bearings are made of stainless steel. This makes the coupling type suitable for many outdoor applications and wherever moisture could become a problem.

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