Quick and easy to put into operation

Quick and easy to put into operation

The TopWorx DVR Switchbox from Emerson is a compact, high quality and durable positioner with reliable feedback on the open/closed position of valves.

Emerson announces the introduction of its new TopWorx DVR Switchbox, an entry-level DV series positioner with local valve position display. The Switchbox combines a durable resin housing, a compact design and a patented eccentric design with reliable valve position feedback and is suitable for use in water and wastewater systems, food and beverage production lines and industrial utility systems.

The flat display of the TopWorx DVR Switchbox enables easy-to-read local position feedback. This important real-time data supports technicians and plant operators in the optimal execution of processes. Designed for harsh environments, the switch box features stainless steel components that provide a reliable, corrosion-resistant solution for indicating valve position to keep customers' processes running smoothly.

Clear and highly reliable valve position feedback allows process industry equipment, platforms and pipelines to operate with maximum efficiency and safety without requiring additional space on the production line.

The TopWorx DVR Switchbox's eccentric design allows for quick configuration, making installation and maintenance quicker and easier. The TopWorx DVR offers a compact and versatile design for numerous process industry applications, well suited to confined areas.

In addition, the housing has a resistance to ultraviolet (UV) radiation according to rating F1, which ensures that the DVR functions reliably over the long term when used outdoors.

The TopWorx DVR Switchbox is another addition to Emerson's TopWorx valve intelligence and proximity sensing portfolio. These devices help manage and control the operation of process plants in a smarter and more efficient way under the most demanding conditions.

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