Customisable security solutions

Customisable security solutions

SEW-Eurodrive presents the safe SBM brake module for installation in the control cabinet. It complements the Movi-C modular automation system and enables flexible, safe drive solutions from a single source.

The safe brake module SBM from SEW-Eurodrive takes over the supply and control of electric brakes. It ensures the safe disconnection of the brake in accordance with stop category 0 as per EN60204-1, failsafe protection against restarting as per EN1037 and fulfils performance level d as per EN ISO 13849-1. If the holding brake is switched off, i.e. disconnected from the power supply, it engages and thus brakes the motor shaft.

The extended power spectrum enables the safe switching of brakes with an output of up to 250 W. The scope of delivery of the brake module includes a shield plate and mounting material for installation in the switch cabinet. Other accessories such as mounting bases and top-hat rail adapters are also available and give the user the necessary flexibility for installation in the control cabinet.

The modules can be mounted next to or below the inverters in three different ways. They can be screwed directly to the rear panel of the enclosure, mounted with the optional mounting bracket for concealed cable routing or attached to a mounting rail using an adapter.

Together with safety-rated brakes and the brake test functions of the inverters, the modules complete the range for integrated, safe drive solutions that can be individually adapted to the application.