Direct drives

Dynamics paired with high performance

Dynamics paired with high performance

Automated sorting systems place high demands on the drives installed in them: they have to be extremely fast and work precisely at the same time. The linear direct drives of the SVTL series from Servotecnica offer the required properties and also impress with their extremely compact tubular design.

The SVTL linear actuators from Servotecnica therefore meet the requirements of fully automated sorting processes in the logistics and packaging sectors, for example. The direct drives in the SVTL series are also used in demanding sectors such as food processing, chemicals, recycling and waste management, mining and the plastics industry. They have proven themselves many times over as durable and robust drive solutions.

The two series SVTL S and SVTL I are available, the latter with an integrated PLC. Both are ideal as an alternative to a pneumatic actuator: Thanks to their slim, compact design, they also fit into small spaces, as is usual for a pneumatic cylinder.

Compact and slim design - also with integrated electronics

The SVTL actuator series is based on a brushless direct drive. The linear movement is generated by the coil inside the drive and by magnets in the rod. The miniature linear motor consists of a three-phase low-voltage winding, an integrated SIN/COS 1 Vpp encoder and a spindle made of stainless steel (AISI 304). The length of the spindle or shaft can be adapted to the respective application and magnetic pitch. Versions with radial or axial cable outlet are available, and a linear guide and holding brake are also available as options.

Both series share the same housing with identical compact dimensions. However, linear actuators from the SVTL I series have an integrated programmable logic controller (PLC) inside: it enables digital inputs and outputs to control the linear movement even in stand-alone mode, is designed for operation with low voltage (24 - 48 V) and has a Modbus RTU interface.

With the compact direct drives of the SVTL series, Servotecnica offers a versatile solution. A typical feature of the company is that the standard models can always be adapted to a high degree to individual customer requirements.