Stainless steel for offshore applications

Stainless steel for offshore applications

Enemac elastomer couplings (claw couplings) are plug-in equalising couplings for backlash-free, angularly accurate transmission of torques in direct drives.

The elastomer core made of polyurethane, available in different Shore hardnesses, has a vibration-damping and electrically insulating effect.

With the EWJ type, the drive specialist from Kleinwallstadt is now launching a stainless steel version on the market. This can be installed in a temperature range from -30°C to 120°C and is suitable for many outdoor applications such as offshore wind farms, mining and pump construction or agriculture thanks to its stainless hubs. With its 11 sizes, this stainless steel elastomer coupling covers a nominal torque range from 6 Nm to 650 Nm and can be used at speeds of up to 29,000 min-1.