Safety couplings

Torque transmission even under overload

Torque transmission even under overload

A new addition to KBK's product range: in addition to mechanical and magnetic safety clutches, the drive technology specialist now also offers a friction-locking version. The friction clutches are very easy to integrate into the application and are available in two series.

Frictionally engaged overload clutches are particularly suitable for use in conveyor technology, packaging systems or handling systems. Unlike magnetic or mechanical safety clutches, these safety clutches do not completely interrupt the torque in the event of an overload.

KBK Antriebstechnik produces the slipping clutches in the KRDA and KRDB series. The KRDA series is available for shaft diameters from 3.7 mm to 120 mm and speeds from 1,300 rpm to 10,000 rpm. The overload torque can be set very precisely with this type of clutch: Depending on the number of disk springs, values between 0.5 to 5 Nm and 1,800 Nm to 6,800 Nm can be selected. The release torque is set using graduation marks and an adjusting ring with screws.

The friction-locking overload clutches in the KRDB series can be mounted on shafts with diameters from 3.7 mm to 65 mm, depending on the version. Safety clutches in this series are designed for speeds between 1,200 rpm and 10,000 rpm and can be set to overload torques from 0.5-5 Nm to 230-1360 Nm. To do this, simply bend a locking plate located behind a hexagon nut and fix the desired release torque.