Drive systems

Complete solution

Complete solution

Siemens presents a system solution that is both optimized and efficient. The system consists of the Sinamics S200 servo drive, the Simotics S-1FL2 servo motor and Motion Connect cables.

With a power range of 0.1 to 7 kW and various communication options such as Profinet IRT and pulse train, the system is designed for a wide range of standard applications.

Servo on! Move beyond.

Higher productivity and greater efficiency at lower costs... We always adapt optimally to rapidly changing market conditions. This is exactly where the new member of the Sinamics family – the Sinamics S200 servo drive system – brings its strengths into play.

Performance optimized

  • Behaviorally optimized with fast current controller cycle and Profinet IRT communication with controllers
  • Performance optimized with up to 3.5 times overload capacity
  • Accuracy optimized with encoder with high resolution of up to 21 bits

Easy to handle

  • Reduced space requirement thanks to compact design
  • Simple control with integrated holding brake and integrated braking resistor
  • Simple engineering via web server and Sinamics Startdrive
  • Easy implementation of global standards and certifications

Fit for the future

  • Fit for your applications – thanks to flexible hardware solutions and the comprehensive TIA offering.
  • Fit for digitalization in the area of machine simulation with Sinamics DriveSim.
  • Fit for your security requirements – through reliable protection and secure access to your automation processes.