Linear guidance

Highest precision thanks to integrated temperature control

Highest precision thanks to integrated temperature control

Highest precision thanks to integrated temperature control

Modern machine tools benefit from innovative linear technology. With the new temperature control option from Bosch Rexroth, profile rail guides and screw drives work even more precisely and efficiently in the same installation space. The cost-efficient solution allows machining processes in machine tools to be stabilized, rejects avoided and material saved. Production starts and cycle times may be shorter. Users benefit from various performance packages that can be implemented cost-effectively for existing and new machine tools.

Mechanical engineering companies that want to maintain their market position in the high-precision sector need innovations that can make processes even more stable without placing too much of a burden on costs. In linear technology, integrated temperature control represents an economical solution for controlling the thermal behavior of the linear guide and control elements involved in the process
Improve drive components. High-speed and precision milling, for example, benefit from this.

Profile rail guides and screw drives with optional temperature control function use pipe systems that are integrated directly into the guide rail or the spindle of the screw drive and are simply connected to the central cooling circuit in the machine. For example, energy loss caused by friction can be dissipated from the linear guide. Likewise, the ideal operating temperature can be reached so quickly through preheating that the machine is available immediately without a running-in period and the first part can be processed without errors. This increases productivity with minimized waste and material usage.

Available for a variety of linear guides and drives

Bosch Rexroth offers the temperature control function as an option for all common sizes of ball and roller rail guides as well as for ball and planetary screw drives. The patented Thermo Compensating Rail System TCRS, which is available for profile rail guides, is also available as an option for the integrated measuring system IMS. This is how Bosch succeeds
For the first time, Rexroth is combining the three functions of guiding, measuring and temperature control in a highly compact, retrofittable solution. By integrating the linear encoder function and the
Optional TCRS in the profile rail guide can now be used to implement applications of the highest precision with minimal construction and operating costs without additional installation space
be retrofitted.

Modular service packages also for retrofitting

In contrast to non-integrated solutions, the temperature control option from Bosch Rexroth requires neither external cooling systems nor additional installation space. It also makes it possible to convert existing systems into precision machines with minimal effort and to realize high-performance applications with the same mechanical properties to offer various service packages for existing machine concepts through to subsequent replacement. With this modular approach, the integrated temperature control from Bosch increases. Last but not least, Rexroth also ensures its competitiveness in machine tool construction.



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