Covers new partners

Covers new partners

The Accon OPC UA Server software has been updated by Delta Logic to version The outstanding new features are support for TIA Portal projects version V19 as well as for the current firmware for CPUs of the Siemens S7-1200 and S7-1500 controls.

Online import of symbols for TIA Portal V19 is also possible with the updated version. Accon OPC UA Server was developed by Delta Logic specifically with applications in Siemens S7 and Sinumerik environments in mind. With outstanding performance, the server enables secure data transfer between OPC servers and clients as well as Siemens controls.

OPC UA (for Open Platform Communications Unified Architecture) is increasingly establishing itself as the interface standard in automated processes in Industry 4.0. Accon OPC UA Server supports the current OPC UA V 1.04 specification as well as symbolic access, making it one of the few servers of this type in the world certified by the OPC Foundation.

Current Siemens software is supported

In addition to supporting TIA Portal projects version V19, the current update of the Accon OPC UA Server to version offers support for the Siemens S7-1200 controllers with firmware 4.6.1 and S7-1500 CPUs with firmware 3.1.2 .

Since version 1.3 of the Accon OPC UA Server it is possible to use virtual devices. This allows users, for example, to use virtual variables within the OPC UA server that are not assigned to a specific hardware device. This means that changes in OPC communication can be tested extensively in a secure environment without affecting the productive system. If the test is successful and as desired, communication with the “real” controller can be resumed.

Accon OPC UA Server also offers the option of communicating with Sinumerik ONE and Create MyVirtual Machine. The following features are available for machine tool controls:

  • Support for Sinumerik ONE, Create MyVirtual Machine, Sinumerik 840D solutionline, Sinumerik 840D powerline and 810D powerline
  • Convenient access to over 4,000 NC variables and user data (GUD) as well as data from the Sinumerik PLC
  • no change to the CNC software and no Siemens license required
  • Determining the utilization and availability of the CNC machines
  • Monitoring and recording machine data such as operating mode, torques, power consumption, axis positions
  • as well as many other functions

Like all Delta Logic products, the Accon OPC UA server impresses with its highest performance, great user-friendliness and the best customer support. Delta Logic offers a maintenance contract for the product, consisting of a software update service (SUS) and premium support: users will receive all updates from Accon OPC UA Server by email during the contract period. This means they always remain up to date, even with firmware changes or new CPU types. Delta Logic recommends that users of an OPC DA server (regardless of the manufacturer) switch to OPC UA - especially with a view to higher data security.

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