Robust, backlash-free and high-torque

Robust, backlash-free and high-torque

2024 will be the year of heroes: In 2024, drive technology specialist KBK is bringing a selection of individually designed and therefore unique couplings onto the market that combine the best of the individual product series - the “Heroes” from the KBK product portfolio. It starts with the DRF, a combination of distance and slot coupling. The innovative solution fulfills the desire of many users for a robust and easy-to-clean coupling that transmits high torques without play in the smallest of spaces.

With the DRF, KBK closes the gap between its distance coupling series with metal bellows or elastomer stars. The DRF offers higher torques than spacer couplings with metal bellows and greater torsional stiffness than versions with elastomer sprockets. The reason for this lies in the combination of distance and slot coupling: Due to their special geometry, the latter have a very compact design and can therefore transmit high torques in the smallest of spaces without play. The distance coupling ensures the desired rigidity for the DRF.

“We were unable to cover some applications satisfactorily with our previous distance coupling variants,” says KBK Managing Director Sven Karpstein, explaining the expansion of the product range. At DRF, the Lower Franconians are now combining the best properties of two types of couplings. Since both the distance coupling and the slot coupling of the DRF are made entirely of stainless steel, they can also be used in hygiene-critical areas without any problems.

The DRF is suitable for all applications with parallel linear axes that have to move synchronously. These include, for example: B. Pick-and-place systems such as gripping and positioning systems or systems for transporting pallets. Like all of its products, KBK also adapts the DRF exactly to customer requirements upon request. The CAD data of all products can also be configured and downloaded free of charge on the website

Further products with “hero status” are already in preparation.

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