Safe handling of battery cells

Safe handling of battery cells

Safe handling of battery cells

As a partner to the automotive industry, Schunk has the right handling concepts in its portfolio for every drive. For the heart of e-mobility, the battery, Schunk is the first standard product in the e-mobility sector to offer the round cell gripper RCG. The pneumatically controlled magnet system enables both the handling of individual battery cells and – used in multiple gripping units – the precise, process-reliable assembly of complete cell clusters without any disruptive contours.

The biggest cost driver in an electric car is the battery. In recent years, automobile manufacturers around the world have explored options for developing and producing batteries that are not only sustainable, but also cost-efficient and with enough power for long ranges. In addition to prismatic and pouch cells, large manufacturers are increasingly relying on round cells with a diameter of 46 mm. Schunk has designed a new tool specifically for handling this type of cell: the round cell gripper RCG. It is freely scalable, so that individual battery cells can be handled, but automated row arrangement and precise and quick assembly of entire battery clusters are also possible easily and safely.

Safety through integrated gripping force maintenance

The round cell gripper RCG has a pneumatically controlled magnet system with which battery cells can be magnetically picked up and placed down. The permanent magnet inside each individual gripper ensures that the gripping force is maintained throughout the entire process. Even if energy is lost during an emergency stop, the battery is held by the gripper. The high holding force of the magnet >70 N is designed for all common battery lengths and enables high accelerations for the robots used.

The sensory workpiece and status detection also contribute to the process reliability of the RCG. They detect whether a battery is present and enable the piston stroke to be queried. In order to enable the highest possible packing density of round cells within the battery cluster without any disruptive contours, the Schunk designers tailored the RCG precisely to battery cells with 46 mm. Schunk offers the gripper in three versions: without centering, with 2-fold centering or with 4-fold centering to compensate for tolerances when picking up the battery cells.

Perfect for the series

For use in a production line, the system can be combined with other Schunk components: Suitable sensors, compensation and gathering units as well as linear direct axes enable precise, dynamic and safe processes in the series production of battery packs.

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