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Consistent system concept

Consistent system concept

With its rack and pinion drives, Stober has developed a compact, process-reliable easy-to-use system. The high-quality gear rack now rounds off the lower end of its range.

Stober offers different series of rack and pinion drives that can be directly attached to all sizes of EZ series synchronous servo motors. The user receives a compact, easy-to-use system with process reliability that is precisely tailored to their task. These are used in machine tools as well as in automation and robotics, for example. At the gear unit output, Stober relies exclusively on case-hardened and smoothed pinions with the highest gearing quality – "and now also as a one-stop solution," says Matthias Eberle, Director of Business Development Asia Pacific at Stober. "These smart, high-quality solutions have rounded off the lower end of our mechanical system." The components are available in various lengths and modules. This allows the drive specialist to tailor them precisely to the respective application.

Double the bore – double the safety

A gear rack must not move when force is applied by the pinion. Suppliers usually ensure his by using dowel pins at both ends of the rack in addition to the pressing force provided by the screw fastenings. However, this involves a considerable amount of work. To ensure that the position is exactly right, the bores for the dowel pins must be made and then reworked with a reamer directly on the machine in the bolted-on state. This work is extremely laborious and time-consuming, especially for complex systems with various attachments. "Our solution eliminates the need for time-consuming pinning," says Eberle. Stober supplies the precision racks with twice the bores. There is now a bore for a screw connection every 62.5 millimeters, instead of every 125 millimeters as usual. This doubles the contact pressure of the component on the machine body. While pinning is not necessary, it is possible thanks to the existing pin holes. This ensures the highest possible level of safety. Matthias Eberle adds, "The user also benefits from maximum ease of installation."

The new rack is extremely efficient in a Stober system. If a customer has installed a competitor's component and would like to replace it with the Stober solution, the interface-compatible gear rack makes it easy. The new development also makes for an impressive investment: Compared to the market environment, the user receives a high-quality component at a very attractive price.

With the new gear rack, Stober is pursuing its system concept consistently. Just as the customer now receives a complete mechanical system, the drive specialist can also supply a complete automation solution comprising of a gear unit, motor, electronics and cables, if required. "The crucial factor for us is that our engineers are working hand in hand across departments – from gear unit and motor development to electronics development," explains Eberle. And for the user, everything fits together perfectly.

Pictures: STÖBER Antriebstechnik GmbH + Co. KG

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