Electric motors

Independent, energy efficient and sustainable

Independent, energy efficient and sustainable

Independent, energy efficient and sustainable

Independent, energy efficient and sustainable

Independent, energy efficient and sustainable

Independent, energy efficient and sustainable

Innomotics is presenting the latest generation of energy-efficient motors and the cloud-based Industrial IoT platform “Inspire IQ” for the first time independendly.

According to the International Energy Agency, industry is responsible for a quarter of global CO2 emissions. The focus here is on electric motors and electric drive systems. They consume around 70 percent of the energy. The field of electric motors is an important starting point for making the global economy more sustainable. Efficient use of energy also contributes to cost-conscious business practices. This aspect is becoming increasingly important for the industry, especially in times of high electricity prices.

As a leading provider of low- to high-voltage motors, geared motors and voltage converters, Innomotics focuses on both: efficient use of energy to achieve sustainability goals and the cost-effectiveness of using our motors and frequency converters.

Under the motto “Redefining reliable motion for a better tomorrow”, Innomotics is presenting its new products at the Hannover Messe: In addition to the new permanent magnet low-voltage motors “SH71” and “SH132” and the high-voltage motor “High Voltage Modular”, Innomotics is also presenting another trade fair highlight also presents the cloud-based Industrial IoT platform with the new name “Inspire IQ” (formerly “SiDrive IQ”). Innomotics' product highlights are not only on display on the 200 square meter exhibition stand, thanks to augmented reality they are also made more tangible for visitors.

CEO Michael Reichle says: “Innomotics combines the promise of innovation and reliability with the experience of 150 years of drive technology and electric motor construction. Despite our long history, this year's Hannover Messe is something very special for our team: It makes us proud to appear with our own brand identity at the world's largest industrial trade fair for the first time. My special thanks go to Siemens AG for their great support in reorganizing our company. The trade fair offers a suitable setting for us to let visitors and customers experience how Innomotics helps make industrial companies around the world more energy efficient and therefore more sustainable.”

Michael Reichle continues: “When striving for the energy efficiency of electric motors, we at Innomotics are concerned with two things: We have to provide an answer to how the climate goals and the industry's growing hunger for energy can be reconciled. And the energy costs of the users of our motors must also remain within reasonable limits and contribute to increasing the productivity of our customers. Because they make up the majority of the operating costs over the lifespan of an electric motor: around 95 percent. The costs of purchase and maintenance are hardly significant in comparison.”

Versatile and highly efficient: new permanent magnet motors meet the highest standards

The innovative, highly efficient permanent magnet motors represent a further development in the area of low-voltage motors. With the same performance, they are up to three sizes smaller and up to 43 percent lighter than conventional motors, thus saving space. This makes them ideal for use in conjunction with pumps, compressors, extruders and many other applications. At the same time, the engines set new standards in terms of peak performance and energy efficiency.

Thanks to their significantly reduced energy consumption and reduced CO2 footprint, they meet the requirements for energy efficiency class IE5 (Ultra Premium Efficiency). Innomotics' high-performance motors with their robust cast iron housing are the first choice for all important applications in conventional and harsh industrial environments. Even under extreme conditions, they are extremely reliable, versatile and easy to handle. With the “SH71” and “SH132” as the latest additions to the permanent magnet motor portfolio, Innomotics continues to stand for maximum customer benefit: low energy costs, low CO2 emissions, high power density and future-proof efficiency classes for upcoming regulatory regulations.

Starting signal for global, modular engine series

With the new “HV Modular” motor, Innomotics is laying the foundation for its globally available modular series in the field of high-voltage motors. With its increased power density and therefore space- and weight-saving design as well as increased efficiency, the “HV Modular” motor is one of the market leaders in this segment. These properties make the engine ideal for a wide range of applications, from oil and gas to chemistry to water and wastewater treatment.
“Inspire IQ”: improved digital services under a new name

As part of the rebranding, the cloud-based Industrial IoT platform previously known as “SiDrive IQ” not only has the new name “Inspire IQ“, with the new IQ sensors it also offers unique insights into operating data as well as the condition of the inverters and drives with a particular focus on the cell and the inverter cabinet. The sensors record, for example, voltage, humidity, air quality or arcs.

This data enables predictive maintenance by the customer themselves or by the Innomotics service teams and thus helps systems achieve higher availability and longer life cycles. This means they deliver real added value in the area of sustainability. “Inspire IQ” is used in a wide variety of industries, especially energy-intensive ones, such as the oil and gas industry, the steel industry, the chemical industry or cement production. For example, the German customer Rohrdorfer Zement uses “Inspire IQ” to ensure maximum availability and keep the environmental impact as low as possible.