Comprehensive product portfolio for the internal flow of goods

By using optimised workstation and transport systems, companies protect the health of their employees while saving time and costs in production. In order to design the perfect internal material flow, RK Rose+Krieger offers the ideal basis for customised intralogistics system solutions with its modular range of over 50,000 individual components.

Intralogistics plays a key role in the commercial success of a company. This makes it even more important for workstation and transport systems to be optimally tailored to the specific application. RK Rose+Krieger’s extensive product portfolio enables sophisticated system solutions for optimally designed internal material flow. The components are perfectly coordinated and the different series are compatible with each other.

Customised transport trolleys and mobile warehouse systems

A very wide range of components and tools have to be stored and transported for the internal material flow. This is why equipment carts and warehouse systems that are perfectly tailored to the task at hand are a prerequisite for smooth, efficient production. With the RK Rose+Krieger modular product range, customised transport trolleys and warehouse systems can be manufactured to optimise the material flow. They can be adapted, expanded or even completely converted into new systems as required.

Task-specific assembly workstation systems

The requirements of industrial assembly workstations are as individual as the products that are manufactured on them. They not only have to relieve the operatives of physically demanding or monotonous tasks, but must also help to ensure that work processes are implemented safely and precisely. Integration into the digital work environment is often required as well. Moreover, the reliability of assembly also has to be guaranteed in the event of an operative changeover – a particularly critical factor when it comes to quality assurance. LEAN techniques and assistance systems play a major role here. The solutions from RK Rose+Krieger can be used to fully configure task-specific assembly workstations, from simple standard workbenches to (partially) automated high-tech workstations with robot support and optical assistance systems.

Pictures: RK Rose+Krieger