Even greater operational reliability and sustainability

Even greater operational reliability and sustainability

The chainflex cables were just the beginning: Igus now offers a guarantee of up to four years for all products with a predictable service life. Customers benefit from long-term investment security and reliable service in the event of a guarantee claim. The long service life of motion plastics conserves resources and thus contributes to increasing sustainability in industry.

A four-year guarantee on a large part of the product portfolio is largely unparalleled in the industry. Not for Igus: The Cologne-based company now offers its customers a guarantee of up to four years on all motion plastics products with an Igus service life calculation - and that is, after all, the majority of the company's countless products. In the future, customers will benefit from the guarantee on energy chains and chainflex cables, drylin linear and drive technology, dryspin thread technology and components such as plain bearings or semi-finished products made from the company's own iglidur materials. The guarantee portfolio is supplemented by the xiros ball bearings, igubal spherical bearings, gears, slewing ring bearings and also the 3D printed components created in the online configurator "iglidur Designer".

Durability thanks to in-house test laboratory

The exceptional guarantee is made possible by the 3,800 square meter inspection and test laboratory at the company headquarters in Cologne. There, Igus subjects its products to numerous, application-specific long-term and endurance tests. A total of over 15,000 tests are carried out each year. The experience gained from the tests flows into Igus' online service life calculator, which lets companies know how long a component will last before they buy it. From the reliable data from the service life calculators, it was now only a small step to introducing a comprehensive 4-year guarantee on its product portfolio.

"The guarantee gives our customers the opportunity to design their individual application exactly right and always choose the cheapest product that will work reliably," explains Tobias Vogel, Managing Director of Plain Bearing Technology at Igus. The fact that the guarantee is popular with customers is demonstrated by the 3-year guarantee that previously applied to Igus energy chains and cables. Last year, Igus increased the guarantee on chainflex cables to four years, and now the majority of other Igus products are following suit. The new regulation applies for up to four years from delivery or for the individually calculated number of double strokes or service hours per product - whichever comes first.

More safety and sustainability

Igus has always been concerned with providing its customers with long-lasting solutions with low maintenance or service costs. "The long service life increases the customer's resource efficiency, and important personnel and financial capacities are also saved," says Michael Blass, Managing Director of e-chain systems at Igus. With this guarantee, the plastics specialist not only offers its customers operational reliability, but also contributes to greater sustainability and resource-saving management in the industry.