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Five new product families – many possible applications

Five new product families – many possible applications

Hinges can be found wherever things have to "work", for example as fittings on furniture, doors and containers. At Norelem, customers can now find an expanded range of hinges for surface elements and aluminum profiles, from individual components to sets with assembly accessories.

The Norelem hinge range consists of five new product families: hinge sets made of aluminum with an inner stop and web, as well as hinge halves made of aluminum with an inner or outer stop and the matching stainless steel axes and plastic cover plugs. The hinges can be put together on the left or right and can be rotated 360°.

All in one: the complete set

The set variant is the most in demand. Norelem supplies hinges complete with all individual components, including two hinge halves, an axis and two cover caps. The hinge can be loaded with up to 200 N in the x and y directions (non-binding guide value) and is supplied with a web on the back, as only one fastening screw is provided here. This means that the product can only be used with a groove width of 8 mm. The hinge is available with an assembly set that includes two countersunk screws and two slot nuts. This variant is only suitable for the item profile.
Well combined: the components

It is also possible to put together hinges according to customer requirements. The hinge halves are available internally and externally and in different widths (dimension A3), as are matching axes made of stainless steel and thermoplastic cover plugs. The load forces of these hinges are up to 100 N in the x-direction and up to 150 N in the y-direction (non-binding guide values). Advantages of the individually assembled hinges: In contrast to the complete set, they can be combined with the slot nuts of the item and Bosch profile (taking into account the screw diameters M5 and M6).

Easy to install: plastic pin hinges

The new items also include plastic pin hinges in two versions with pin diameters of 6 mm and 8 mm. The opening angle of the hinges is 120°. They are suitable for interior doors, are not visible to the user and can be used on both the right and left. They can also be used as a locking pin and are space-saving and quick to install: The polyamide housing contains a pin made of galvanized steel, which is simply pressed into the spring-supported handle.