Material transport

A system is making the rounds

A system is making the rounds

Losyco, a specialist in intralogistics and material feeding, has introduced a new, innovative conveyor solution for rail-based load transport on the Loxrail.

With the new AllRounder generation, curves and 180° turns can be realized for the first time on the floor-level conveyor rails without the installation of additional shunting elements such as turntables or crossings. The battery-operated transport trolleys have a special chassis for this purpose. The curve-capable transport system enables particularly flexible line routing even in winding hall topographies. Support pillars and other spatial obstacles can be avoided with little installation effort.

The new solution is also recommended for return concepts in order to automatically move the trolleys back to the start of the line after the assemblies have been discharged without any additional conveyors. The new, curve-capable Allrounder variant is designed for loads of up to ten tons on the Loxrail 25 and is adapted by Losyco in terms of dimensions and track width to meet specific customer requirements.