Efficiency in perfection

Efficiency in perfection

Efficiency in perfection

Aerzen turbo blowers stand for unbeatable energy efficiency, extreme compactness, maximum durability and the lowest life cycle costs. The blower and compressor specialist has now expanded its successful series to include a new size: The air-bearing Aerzen Turbo AT250 G5plus delivers a volume flow of 155 m3/min and impresses with an extremely large control range, a consistently high overall efficiency and a minimal machine footprint.

Aerzen has been building turbo blowers since 1911 and has continued to push these units to the technological extreme over many decades. Today, the Aerzen turbo blower G5plus series is one of the most compact and efficient turbos in its class. Compared to conventional turbo technology, energy efficiency is up to 10% higher, and compared to positive displacement machines such as rotary lobe blowers, savings of up to 30% can even be achieved. With the new AT250 G5plus, Aerzen is extending the series upwards, making the advantages of efficient turbo technology accessible to an even wider range of uses and applications.

Innovative turbo blower for higher volume flows

The new Aerzen Turbo AT250 G5plus is designed for a volume flow of 155 m3/min, a maximum differential pressure of 900 mbar and speeds of up to 26,000 rpm and has a very large control range of 1:4. A powerful and energy-saving permanent magnet synchronous motor that meets the future requirements of the IE5 classification (Ultra Premium Efficiency), as well as the particularly aerodynamic design of the turbo impeller and spiral housing ensure a consistently high overall efficiency. The AT250 G5plus also has exceptional performance and high power density in partial load operation.

Groundbreaking technological advantages

The modern multi-level frequency converter technology reduces the power loss in the motor by up to 90% and is therefore clearly an advantage compared to conventional converter technology. Other advantages are a higher insensitivity to pressure fluctuations and better control behavior. The turbo units can therefore be operated much more stably across the entire turbo characteristic field. The innovative Aerzen air bearing with double coating ensures an increased service life of > 80,000 operating hours and maximum reliability. The units are acoustically optimized and guarantee quiet operation of 72-73 db(A). In addition, the powerful turbo blowers are 100% oil-free, incredibly robust and extremely easy to operate. The maintenance requirement is negligible.
Compact plug-and-play package

Aerzen manufactures and develops all products in-house. This is the only way to ensure that all components are perfectly coordinated and ideally adapted to the operating process. This means the highest level of reliability, operational safety and cost-effectiveness. The AT250 G5plus is already fully configured and assembled ready for connection at the factory when it is delivered to the site. Thanks to the compact design, the machine footprint is extremely small. A turbo only requires a third or quarter of the installation space of a rotary lobe blower with comparable performance. The machine room can therefore be considerably smaller.

Highest power density, smallest footprint

With the smallest footprints on the market and maximum energy efficiency, the new Aerzen Turbo offers compact power that is indispensable for numerous processes - be it oxygen input in wastewater technology, fermentation in yeast production or cooling and combustion air for e.g. lime and cement production. Thanks to the high power density and reliability, the new units keep life cycle costs low and enable significant cost reductions.