Energy chains

High performance, well protected

High performance, well protected

High performance, well protected

Anyone who places high demands on their product expects the same from their suppliers. Tsubaki Kabelschlepp is accordingly proud of its long-standing collaboration with a well-known manufacturer of gantry milling machines. In the high-end machines, energy chain systems, telescopic covers and chip conveyors impress with advanced technology, high quality and durability.

A special feature of the gantry milling machines is their customer-specific conception and design. This also requires Tsubaki Kabelschlepp to adapt its components precisely to the respective task. When planning and implementing a gantry milling machine for the manufacturer's own production, the experts at Tsubaki Kabelschlepp pulled out all the stops in this regard.

The gantry milling machine was designed as a double-table machine, whereby the tables can be coupled or used individually. A universal head with a motor spindle achieves high speeds, which are required for smaller tools and high machining performance. A milling head changer ensures the fully automatic exchange of the attachment units. The distance between the two columns is 4.5 meters, the passage height is 4 meters. The milling and drilling unit is the heart of the system with a maximum clamping length of a good 17.25 meters and 120 kW power on the tool.

Sturdy chains for high loads

To protect electrical and hydraulic lines, several energy chain systems are used on the movement axes of the gantry milling machine. Two energy chains lead from the stand to the crossbeam (W axis), three more from the crossbeam to the milling support (Y and Z axes). Due to the heavy mechanical loads and the harsh production environment, robust and durable steel chains from the S/SX series were chosen. These support both horizontal and vertical movements and allow large unsupported lengths even with high additional loads. In this specific case, the chains allow additional loads of 15 kg/m and speeds of 20 m/min.

The RMD aluminum cover system used ensures very good lateral stability and the straight running of the interlocking chains. The RMD web variant is particularly suitable for applications with chippings or coarse dirt.

Everything sealed - and well protected

Not only the cables needed protection, but also parts of the machine frame and guide elements of the milling machine. This is why telescopic covers from Kabelschlepp are used on all machine axes. In this case, the splash- and splash-proof solutions support travel distances of up to 19 meters and travel speeds of up to 20 m/min. In addition to the regular seals, the rear walls and sliders of the stand covers were designed as a special construction in order to drain the coolant directly. All cover boxes are also equipped with a stripping system with replaceable lips.

The highest travel speeds occur on the milling support (Y-axis) and the machine tables (X-axis). To avoid vibrations and impact noises, the telescopic covers here have a special parabolic damping.

To remove the resulting cast iron and steel chips, Kabelschlepp also supplied a conveyor system that can safely handle the resulting quantity of up to 1.3 t/h. Two parallel hinged belt conveyors are arranged under the floor along the machine.