Drive systems

High-throughput shredders with high-torque drive

High-throughput shredders with high-torque drive

High-throughput shredders with high-torque drive

Baumüller shows how energy efficiency and effectiveness can be increased with a fully electric shredder drive with a DST2 high-torque motor suitable for shredder drives and a b maXX 5500 servo drive.

Up to 30 percent lower energy costs thanks to direct drive technology

The most important criteria for recycling machines (shredders) are high machine availability and high throughput with the lowest possible energy consumption. Baumüller has already implemented various drive solutions for single-shaft and double-shaft shredders with or without feed. As a specialist for high-performance electric drives, Baumüller offers electric high-torque drives that enable shredders to reduce energy consumption by up to 30 percent.

The Baumüller system solution includes the complete main drive system with high-torque motors, servo converters including control cabinet construction, as well as the control technology with hardware and a comprehensive complete software package specifically for shredding systems. The drive unit is configured individually depending on the required performance. In addition to hardware and software, Baumüller also provides engineering support and implements the drive, machine control and software completely and entirely as required. In addition, the company offers optional long-term lifecycle management for shredders, which is individually tailored to requirements. On request, Baumüller also provides worldwide support with installation and commissioning.

Precisely tailored and customer-specific: powerful hardware for more power

In order to be able to provide the high performance required for shredding processes, motors with very high maximum torques are used, depending on the gear ratio. High-torque motors from the Baumüller DST2 series are therefore predestined for this application. Depending on the power requirement, the shredding shafts are driven by one or two motors each. In addition, Baumüller offers suitable servo drives for high performance classes with the b maXX 5000 converter family. The servo drives impress with their compact installation dimensions, making them space-saving and powerful.

Baumüller can also supply the right drive system for large shredding systems, such as car shredders. Thanks to the modular b maXX 5500 drive electronics, even the largest motors in the DST2 series can be used with the help of multiple winding systems and combined to create multi-motor solutions.

At the control level, Baumüller combines the properties of industrial PCs and PLC controls with the b maXX PLC mc control platform, thus optimally covering the area between these two existing solutions. The system impresses with its handy dimensions of 110 x 90 x 35 mm and is therefore extremely compact. Baumüller also offers HMI panels with touch displays for user-friendly machine operation.