Linear actuators

Linear actuators for manual adjustment

Whether guiding, adjusting, positioning or uniform movement, the demands on linear motion are as varied as the available solutions. RK Rose+Krieger offers three small linear units especially for precise manual adjustment.

The linear technology portfolio from RK Rose+Krieger for profile, linear and connection systems has the right linear unit for almost every application, including manual and power-driven single-tube, twin-tube and profile actuators, with roller or circulating ball guide, combined with toothed belt or screw drive. The range comprises linear movement components for occasional manual adjustment as well as for frequent movements and highly dynamic positioning in continuous operation. The small RK Compact, RK LightUnit and PLM spindle-driven and manually adjustable linear actuators are ideal for low torques and weights.

Lightweight, single-tube linear actuator

The RK LightUnit spindle-driven linear actuator is designed for easy manual adjustment. It has an aluminium spindle and plastic slide bearings, which together make for a lightweight construction, allowing the linear actuator to be moved with a minimum of force required. The spindle is protected by an elastic plastic sealing lip. The single-tube linear actuator is available in size 30 for a maximum stroke of up to 920 mm.

Low-profile, short-stroke linear actuator

The RK Compact is a low-profile, short-stroke linear actuator for occasional adjustment of low loads over short stroke lengths. It has an ideal torque capacity/installation dimension ratio, and its compact size makes it particularly suitable for use in confined spaces. The RK Compact is available ex warehouse in size 30 with standard strokes of 10, 20, 30 and 50 mm. The standard strokes for sizes 50, 80 and 120 are 25, 50, 75 and 100 mm. All units with these strokes are ready for dispatch within 48 hours. "Longer strokes of up to 130 mm (size 30) or 400 mm (all other sizes) are available on request – but these customised products do require a little more lead time," says Tim Hallau, product manager for linear technology at RK Rose+Krieger. The actuator is also available as a purely slide guide without screw drive.

Profile linear actuator for small loads

The PLM linear unit in sizes 20 and 40x20 is available for customised strokes of up to 855 mm. Its maximum strokes are considerably longer than those of the RK Compact. The special feature of the small linear unit is the steel cover strip that protects the drive screw against dirt. The linear actuator is also available as a purely slide guide without screw drive.
Image: RK Rose+Krieger