Motion Control

New multi-core and multi-task solution for motion control

New multi-core and multi-task solution for motion control

TwinCAT MC3 is the next generation of motor control- It is seamlessly integrated into TwinCAT and offers scalable performance with multi-core and multi-task support.

As an established and essential part of the TwinCAT automation suite, Motion Control has proven itself across a wide range of industries. TwinCAT MC3 builds on the success of its previous generation and retains all the powerful features of TwinCAT NC2, while offering innovative functions for improved performance and efficiency.

The core features of TwinCAT MC3 include complete system integration, which enables seamless integration into automation systems, and scalable performance, which adapts to the requirements of a wide range of applications. In addition, TwinCAT MC3 can be used independently of hardware, offering users greater flexibility and facilitating integration into different system environments.

Another key advantage of the new generation is the unlimited number of programmable axes, which makes the software high-performance tool in the field of motion software solutions.

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