Smart Sensor

Prevent expensive failures

Prevent expensive failures

Whether in machine tools, robotics or rail transport: applications with rotating elements are always at risk of bearing damage. Smart sensors from Contrinex detect changes to shafts and axles before expensive failures occur. This means that countermeasures can be taken in good time.

Contrinex's smart sensors combine several detection modes in a single device and can therefore monitor both process and event data. In addition to oscillations and vibrations - using direct or indirect measurement methods - the sensors also measure the temperature and position of shafts and axles in real time. The high-resolution multimode measurement can be used to record the axial distance and lateral position of rotating elements, among other things. Since the sensor is exceptionally sensitive, it also detects irregular features such as holes in an object.

Contrinex's smart sensors are installed in a metal housing and have a unique sensor ID - which is why they can be easily and error-free integrated into the application. The IO-Link smart profile used also enables the sensors to be easily integrated into control systems. Another advantage of Contrinex's smart sensors are the individually configurable outputs: This allows the spare parts inventory to be significantly optimized.

Thanks to a localized D2D (device-to-device) process logic, the smart sensors can also communicate with each other without going through the core network or a base station, so that decentralized sensor-based decisions are possible. The extraordinary reliability of the smart sensors allows the devices to be used even in applications that are difficult to access, such as wind turbines, railway wagons or drilling rigs.

Contrinex has developed the PocketCodr to make commissioning its smart sensors easy. With it, any IO-Link-capable sensor can be quickly configured, even without IT knowledge.