Linear technology

Solutions for electronic applications

Solutions for electronic applications

Precision, dynamics, reliability and process continuity are top priorities in electronics manufacturing and the semiconductor industry. Rollon, a specialist in linear motion solutions, meets these requirements with a broad product portfolio, a deep understanding of applications and a high level of solution competence. The result is innovative, high-performance and process-reliable linear technology solutions.

Rollon is one of the world's full-service providers of solutions in the field of linear technology and offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of linear guides, telescopic rails and linear axes with a large selection of designs, types and options. The enormous range of different drive and guide systems covers almost all requirements and enables users in electronics manufacturing and the semiconductor industry to have efficient processes with the highest level of precision, dynamics and reliability.

Clean Room System ONE: Certified for clean room applications

Rollon has developed the Clean Room System ONE specifically for use in clean room applications. The linear axes made of aluminum and stainless steel are driven by a high-quality polyurethane toothed belt with AT profile and are designed to ensure low particle emissions. This is achieved, among other things, by corrosion-resistant materials, a cover for the toothed belt and linear guide, the use of a vacuum pump with 0.8 bar negative pressure, innovative ball chains that keep the balls of the carriages at a distance from each other, and special lubricants. Areas of application include automatic lift applications in the wafer fab to transport foups or wafer boxes to different production levels in a wafer factory, or linear axis systems for robot applications in processing cells, where the robot is guided vertically on the linear axis and thus expands its processing space with the 7th axis.

Precision System TH and Speedy Rail: specialists for precision and dynamics

If the highest precision is required, for example in assembly systems or the adjustment of tools, the linear axes of the TH series from the Precision System are an optimal choice. The torsion-resistant linear units with ball screw drive are incredibly compact and achieve an accuracy of 10 μ in terms of positioning and ±5 μ in repeatability - an ideal solution for precision applications with little installation space. All internal components are protected against environmental influences by a plastic cover strip. The Speedy Rail, available as a linear guide or linear axis (with toothed belt or rack), is a self-supporting system with optimal reliability, high dynamics, a long service life of 80,000 km and the ability to self-align. It is maintenance-free and does not require lubrication. Component feed units, among others, benefit from these properties.

Linear technology solutions for all requirements

The stable telescopic rails of the Telescopic Rail and Hegra Rail product series have proven themselves for the construction of reliable and long-lasting pull-outs in clean rooms. They combine robustness and cost-effectiveness in compact, load-bearing cross-sections with a low installation depth. Long extension lengths of up to 200% of the installation length are just as natural as special materials, e.g. stainless steel, as well as various coatings and material combinations.

With the Rollon Curviline and the Nadella Multimotion Line, Rollon also offers curved rail systems in steel or stainless steel for hoists and machine adjustments. Different radii, curved special radii and special processing such as run-in slopes and special drilling patterns are possible. The prismatic precision linear guides and linear tables from Rosa Sistemi are characterized by the highest precision, a high load capacity, smooth running and minimal wear and do not cause friction losses when starting up. This makes them perfect for adjusting test and inspection units as well as for positioning vacuum laser welding devices.

A strong partner for electronics manufacturing and the semiconductor industry

Whether wafer preparation, automation of test machines, assembly or packaging of electronic components: Rollon knows the application-specific requirements precisely and has a suitable solution for many applications. In close cooperation with the customer, economical, flexible and process-reliable solutions are created that fully meet the individual specifications.