Durable, compact and flexibly adaptable

Durable, compact and flexibly adaptable

Feinmess Suhl GmbH is characterised by more than 140 years of experience in the development and manufacture of precision measuring equipment and calibration systems. Precision threaded spindles have always been at the heart of the company's products and systems, and the thread grinding process has been one of its core competencies from the very beginning. The threaded spindles, in conjunction with a nut as the lead screw, form the basis for the high-precision movement and positioning of assemblies, micrometric screws and positioning systems for industrial or medical applications.

"Our ability to grind precision threads in hardened steel is the result of years of experience and requires a high degree of sensitivity as well as the utmost care in manufacturing," explains Nils Blondin, Managing Director of Feinmess Suhl GmbH. "For almost six generations, our knowledge and innovative strength has flowed into precision measuring tools and systems and thus also into the machine production of threaded spindles.

The threaded spindles from Feinmess Suhl are not only impressive due to their compact and comparatively simple design, they also meet the minimal tolerance specifications of the highest industrial standards. The high-precision threaded spindles and nuts are assembled and lapped in by hand until a defined ease of movement (torques from 0.05 cNm) and at the same time a minimum play of up to 0.001 mm are achieved.

The positioning accuracy of the high-quality assemblies is in the μm range and the repeatability is ± 0.002 mm. In addition, the lead screws offer exact form and dimensional accuracy up to tolerance grade 4 and wear resistance >106 cycles. Due to the sliding friction of sliding screws, they can be dimensioned to be self-locking. In this case, the position of the nut on the spindle is held by static friction, so that a separate, inhibiting component is not required.

Thanks to the variable shape design and the selection of ideal material combinations, the manufacturer's lead screws and assemblies can be optimally adapted to the respective environmental conditions and are insensitive to contamination or corrosion. When dimensioned according to requirements, the threaded spindles are particularly low-wear and durable in combination with application-specific coatings and lubricants. They cover a wide range of applications and are used in a wide variety of industries: from the semiconductor industry to vacuum or clean room applications to use in the food sector or in medical technology. But they are also used in new technologies such as cognitive robotics, autonomous controls or 3D printing.

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