Easy integration into the application

Easy integration into the application

The 3D configurator from Cadenas on the Leantechnik website gives users quick and convenient access to the CAD data of all products. Now the new lifgo hp is also stored in the configurator. In addition, booking appointments with sales representatives has been simplified once again.

The 3D configurator from Cadenas is a powerful platform where engineers and designers can easily and intuitively download the desired CAD data of the Leantechnik products. With just a few clicks, the CAD models can be integrated into their own designs. This not only saves valuable time, but also enables precise and reliable integration of the components into the customer's system.

The CAD data for the new lifgo hp rack-and-pinion gear unit can now also be found in the Cadenas 3D configurator. The lifgo hp® stands for maximum precision and performance. It has been specially developed for applications where extremely precise positioning is required (up to 0.002 mm). The product offers engineers and designers enhanced functionality and flexibility to optimize their projects and meet the demands of an increasingly demanding industry.

"The integration of Cadenas' 3D configurator into our website is a big step forward in terms of customer satisfaction and ease of use," said a delighted Sven Schürmann, team leader in marketing at Leantechnik. "Now we also offer users the possibility to access our latest product lifgo hp and integrate it directly into their projects."

With the integration of Cadenas' 3D configurator into its own website and the development of lifgo hp, Leantechnik underscores its claim to offer users innovative solutions for the efficient, precise implementation of their projects.

Another new tool that Leantechnik is making available to its customers with immediate effect also contributes to this: With it, they can conveniently and easily book an appointment with one of the field service employees. Via an intuitive booking form, appointments can now be made directly and without further detours by e-mail or telephone with the responsible colleague from the sales department. Customers benefit from this through time savings, flexibility and the convenience that the tool brings.

"With our booking tool, we ensure that making appointments is as smooth and convenient as possible for our customers. We all have little time and a lot on our plate. That's why we want to offer customers a flexible and convenient solution."