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All types covered

All types covered

The gear calculation in Kisssoft covers all common gear types such as spur, bevel, hypoid, worm, beveloid, crown and helical gears.

In Kisssoft release 2021, new graphics are available for the helical gear calculation: The evaluation graphic for specific sliding is calculated and displayed based on the geometry of a straight-toothed replacement spur gear. A visual evaluation of the gear meshing in 2D is now also possible for axis crossing angles not equal to 90°. For this purpose, parallel sections to the central axis plane of the worm are calculated and displayed. This 2D geometry is displayed via the function "Tooth meshing in sections". Also available for selection is the option "Determine form circles dFf and dFa from the tooth form".

With the help of the fine sizing in Kisssoft, the best variants can also be found for helical gear stages with predefined, definable boundary conditions. After entering the nominal transmission ratio, normal module, pressure angle, helix angle, centre distance and profile shift factor, all possible solutions are calculated and displayed.

All variants found are listed classified according to various criteria such as accuracy of the transmission ratio, overlap, strength factors, weight, axial forces, etc. The list can be extended or reduced by the user. The list can be extended or reduced by the user if additional or fewer individual results of a solution are to be displayed.