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Already pays off after one year

Already pays off after one year

Already pays off after one year

Already pays off after one year

The energy saving potential of wastewater treatment plants is often underestimated. With individual ROI calculations, Aerzen illustrates the considerable cost benefits of highly efficient blower technology in the biological treatment stage and shows what short payback periods can be achieved. Thus, a more efficient design of the aeration technology pays for itself in many cases after only twelve months.

Wastewater treatment plants have high energy requirements. Aeration of the aeration tank accounts for 60 to 80 percent of the total electrical energy consumed. Switching to state-of-the-art blower technologies with the highest possible energy efficiency as well as smart, demand-oriented control and regulation technology therefore offers great leverage for reducing overall operating costs. At the same time, by investing in resource-saving technology, wastewater treatment plant operators are making an active contribution to greater environmental protection and a significant reduction in CO2 emissions. But how big is the savings potential really and when do the additional costs of the investment pay off? Individual ROI-calculations (Return on Investment) by Aerzen give information.

High savings, short amortization periods

Still many operators of waste water treatment plants pay attention mainly to the purchase price of the blowers. But the purchase price accounts for only five percent of the total operating costs. Much more important are the costs for energy, service and maintenance. It is particularly worthwhile to look at energy consumption, because at 90 %, this is the main cost factor. With individual ROI calculations Aerzen illustrates the considerable cost advantages of highly efficient blower technology and shows which short payback periods can be achieved. For example, by changing from a conventional Delta Blower GM 35S rotary lobe blower with a motor power of 55 kW to an innovative Delta Hybrid D 30S rotary lobe compressor with a motor power of 37 kW, around 25% energy can be saved (volume flow: 24 m3/min, pressure difference: 800 mbar). At an electricity price of 0.30 euros/kWh, the investment pays for itself after just one year.

Technology concept Performance3: Precise operation of load changes

For more than 150 years Aerzen has accompanied operators of waste water treatment plants with precisely fitting solutions and has been considered as market leader in the field of water treatment for a long time. With the efficiency concept Performance3 Aerzen offers a unique strategy for the exact operation of the load changes and thus an optimum solution for an energy-efficient oxygen supply. Here, the Delta Blower rotary lobe blowers, the Delta Hybrid rotary lobe compressors and the Aerzen Turbo turbo blowers are used in the range of their respective technological strengths and, depending on the plant configuration and load, are switched in combination or as a single solution to achieve the most efficient solution for aeration. Energy savings of up to 30% are possible.

Individual ROI calculations

Many wastewater treatment plants tie up resources due to outdated or oversized machine technologies for aeration of aeration basins. An ROI calculation makes the cost benefits of resource-efficient concepts transparent and thus supports wastewater treatment plant operators on their way to more sustainable wastewater treatment.