"Can I make my machine grease-free?"

"Can I make my machine grease-free?"

How can I easily improve my machine? The answer is: with the new igusGO app. The plastics specialist igus has now developed a unique product search app with the help of AI. Simply take a photo of the application and its surroundings and the igusGO intelligence will show the user which products can help with lubrication-free design, for example. The app also shows where there is even more potential to improve the technology of machines and even save costs in the process.

The search for the right products can be very time-consuming and a real time waster during the design process, especially when there is a wide range of products on the market. igus has now developed the igusGO app to make it easy for customers to find the right components for their application. Customers can use the app to discover the potential of igus products in their application and thus improve their design. This is because the lubrication- and maintenance-free machine elements made from lightweight high-performance plastics not only extend service life, but also reduce costs.

The app is very easy to use. The user takes a photo of their application. igusGO uses artificial intelligence to determine the object and shows the possible uses of igus products in the machine or system. To do this, the AI uses data from igus customer projects that have already been realised on comparable machines and components. With just one click, the app user receives more information about the plain bearing, linear technology or energy chain and can then order the product directly in the igus shop or have the expected service life in the machine displayed beforehand. "Many of our customers are unaware of the wide range of possible applications for all our products, which is why we developed the igusGO app. It expands our range of services and is available 24/7," explains Frank Blase, Managing Director at igus.

igusGO intelligence continues to grow every day

There are already over 450 different applications in the app's brain - and the number is growing every day. From coffee machines and filling systems to aeroplanes and bucket wheel excavators. "The igusGO app should serve as a source of inspiration. At the same time, we want to open up the app to a community in which everyone can participate and share their projects with others," says Blase. "If the app does not recognise an application, the user can report this directly to us. We will respond within 24 hours and point out all possible improvements." The first beta testers have already been able to convince themselves of igusGO in recent months and suggest improvements. The app is available in German and English for both Android and IOS and as a web version. In the next expansion stage, igus is also planning to integrate an AI chatbot that can answer users' questions directly.

igus also uses AI for product recognition

igus is now also using AI for the spare parts business of its energy chains. "With our product recognition, we want to enable all employees in companies to be able to order a spare part very quickly," says Peter Wirth, Head of Digital Sales & Marketing. Here too, the principle is very simple: simply take a photo of the chain using the product recognition app. The AI trained by igus recognises the corresponding model from almost 50 e-chain series. With one click, the user is taken to the online shop where they can order their new chain in the desired length without having to search for the last order when shopping.