CO2 emissions analysis tool

CO2 emissions analysis tool

SKF has published a new CO2 analysis tool on its website. It is freely available and is designed to help the industry better understand and reduce its greenhouse gas emissions.

On the website, users can access an overview page that shows how CO2 emissions are distributed in the production and operation of rolling bearings in each industry. There are also clear examples of industrial applications and their emissions..

The site also provides visitors with SKF's "Bearing Select" software tool, which enables a more detailed CO2 calculation for their specific application. Only a few key data are required to analyze the individual application - standard bearings can be selected from a predefined list. Bearing Select outputs the expected CO2 emissions for each individual rolling bearing.

Among other things, the analysis software takes into account emissions during production as well as friction losses and grease consumption during operation. The user then receives the detailed report by download. It serves as an ideal information basis for making sustainable improvements to the application. The tool also offers the possibility to contact SKF application experts. They analyze the results and provide details on the CO2 emissions of specific bearings. They then inform customers how they can reduce their energy consumption – and thus emissions – and thus optimize their application.

Making emissions tangible

"To make our customers' applications more sustainable, we need to understand the entire life cycle of a bearing in the specific application," explains Johan Lannering, Head of Sustainability at SKF. "I am convinced that our tool makes a crucial contribution to making all emissions tangible over the life of a bearing."

"We also help our customers reduce their emissions by making our products lighter, more efficient as well as more durable, and by designing them so they can be repaired or remanufactured," Lannering continues. "We are always working to reduce CO2 emissions to zero in our own operations and throughout the supply chain."

Bearing Select is currently already calculating emissions output for applications in the metals, mining, cement, electrical and rail industries, as well as fluid power, mineral processing and materials handling. Additional industries are planned.

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