Drive simulation

Expert tool shortens time to market for machines

Expert tool shortens time to market for machines

DriveSim Designer (formerly SINAMICS DriveSim Basic) shortens the time to market for machines. Problems are identified and costs and risks are reduced. It supports the selection of drives and motors, helps with testing and improvement, as well as the verification and validation of communication between PLC, drives and applications. Unplanned machine behavior is avoided.

DriveSim Designer is an expert tool that replaces basic drive models to make simulation more realistic and powerful. It provides easy-to-use models for the SINAMICS inverters so that you can integrate a digital twin of your drive with real parameters and configurations into your simulation model.

New SINAMICS drives can now be virtually commissioned and designed in advance - without any risk: With virtual commissioning and engineering of new SINAMICS drives in advance, users can ensure that the drivetrain system meets the requirements of the processes in a cost-effective and time-saving manner The use case eliminates the risk of errors and problems during commissioning and enables the drivetrain to be tested without the risk of damage. SINAMICS DriveSim Advanced has revolutionized the way drives are commissioned, increasing efficiency and productivity while reducing costs and risks. Virtual commissioning and upfront engineering ensures that drive systems meet the requirements of your processes, increasing efficiency and productivity while reducing costs and risks.

The advantages at a glance:

  • The models are available as standardized FMUs (Functional Mockup Units). They are therefore compatible with all common time-based simulation tools.
  • DriveSim Designer is compatible with other virtual Siemens solutions, e.g. SIMATIC S7-PLCSIM Advanced or SIMIT.
  • The Simulation Model Generator (SMG) automatically creates a SIMIT simulation model by using existing information from a TIA Portal project. Coming soon
  • Possibility to configure the available drive parameters as you would configure your real drive.
  • Download the free basic version with reduced functionality, DriveSim Basic, to see the suitability of our solution before you buy.
  • The full version DriveSim Designer offers a variety of additional functionalities to improve the SINAMICS simulation model, e.g. safety and position telegrams.
  • Valid for most Siemens drives.

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