Flexibility and future-proofing

Flexibility and future-proofing

The Profichip Triton industrial processor from Yaskawa is now also supported by Codesys, a leading manufacturer-independent IEC 61131-3 automation software. In addition, it continues to be available from stock and thus also at short notice.

Unlike conventional general-purpose processors, Yaskawa's Profichip Triton is a chip solution genuinely tailored to industrial applications. The development of new PLC applications in the IEC 61131-3 environment is now even easier with Codesys, because the integrated development environment of the Codesys Group from Kempten considerably simplifies the project planning of control systems.

Versatile high-performance processor

The high-performance processor is particularly suitable for motion controllers and robotics controllers, but also for other control and communication tasks in industrial automation. At the same time, industry-specific in this context means that the chip does not present itself as a rigid standard product, but as a flexible concept. This is evident, among other things, in the implementation of the diverse communication options. Its configurable architecture allows different communication protocols to be implemented and the interfaces to be programmed individually and personalized via microcodes. The corresponding microcode is then simply loaded when the chip is booted. As a further advantage, any protocol errors can be easily corrected accordingly. In addition, the Profichip Triton guarantees a high degree of future-proofing, because new protocols and later extensions can be added at any time.

All-in-one chip

The technical prerequisite for this is created by the combination of industrial Gigabit-capable Ethernet communication, a fast and reliable backplane bus system and a powerful multi-core processor. The Profichip Triton thus offers a future-proof, flexibly scalable solution for customized systems with low total cost of ownership. It can be easily integrated into environments with all common Ethernet-based protocols or classic fieldbuses.

The chip features three ARM Cortex-A17 cores complemented by one 64-bit FPU each for accelerating computationally intensive floating-point arithmetic. The support of VxWorks and Embedded Linux as operating system makes it particularly suitable for the development of new types of controllers for future generations of machines, drives and robots. The all-in-one solution thus opens up new possibilities for fast calculations, industrial real-time communication, reliable and synchronous backplane communication, and secure encryption.

In addition, the chip tolerates even the highest temperatures, such as those that occur due to small housing dimensions, high ambient temperatures or in closed control cabinets, without any reduction in performance. It is also protected against external influences by means of ECC memory to minimize data error rates in the system. State-of-the-art interfaces, fast processing cores, low power dissipation, integrated backplane bus master and programmable communication interfaces for industrial Ethernet protocols were the focus of attention. And last but not least, the power-saving Triton professional chip features low power dissipation and high single-thread performance for motion-controlled applications.

At the heart of the new i³ Control automation platform

Last but not least, the Profichip Triton is a component of the new i³ Control automation platform and the associated iC9200 controller generation. From the engineering software to the controller hardware to the integrated chip technology, this forms a technically precisely coordinated overall solution for industry-specific controllers from a single source.