For easy software integration

For easy software integration

For easy software integration

IoTmaxx sees itself as a service provider for intelligent, on-demand IoT applications and now also offers its powerful, open-solution gateways with Docker technology. This enables simple software integration as well as an environment encapsulated in a container for customer-specific applications. This opens the way for intelligent embedded or edge computing solutions.

IoTmaxx GmbH specialises in data communication and mobile communications and always adapts its IIoT solutions to the needs of its customers. The manufacturer's gateways offer a robust, powerful and space-saving hardware solution with which data from a wide range of sources, such as machines, plants and sensors, can be recorded, processed and then transmitted via different protocols - either via LAN or the highly available 4G LTE mobile network. They also enable secure data transfer via the VPN protocols OpenVPN, WireGuard and IPsec.

Gateways with Docker technology

The gateways from IoTmaxx come standard with various pre-installed applications that already cover a wide range of use cases. On customer request, these applications can be extended or new software components can be created. In addition, IoTmaxx has now also integrated the widely used Docker technology into its gateways. This means that customer applications can now be realised that can be developed, updated and versioned independently of the rest of the system.

"Through Docker integration, the customer does not have to adapt or reprogram their software to our device for integration, but benefits from the abstraction of the hardware through Docker technology. This is particularly interesting for companies that bring in their own complex software component, which can thus be maintained, further developed and updated independently of our gateway," explains Ralf Glaser, development manager at IoTmaxx.

IoTmaxx has also brought an abstraction of the interfaces of the respective gateway to a REST web service that maps the entire system. This offers the advantage that all physical interfaces can be operated immediately from Docker.

Edge computing for intelligent on-site solutions

Individual gateway applications can be developed either by the customer himself or on request as a service by IoTmaxx GmbH. This opens the way for intelligent edge computing solutions, for example in energy management, to greatly reduce data traffic to the cloud, enable significantly shorter response times and also be operational independently of the internet connection and server.